Principal/Dealer/Buyers Agent/Yacht Evaluator

Romana effortlessly navigates the waters of yacht brokering. Her experience makes the process of buying and selling vessels a breeze. Armed with sales finesse and an in-depth understanding of the industry, she's a captain at the helm of every transaction.

The maritime world is traditionally male-dominated, but Romana is a beacon of change. As one of the few female boat brokers on a national and international scale, she brings a fresh and unique perspective to the table. Her involvement transforms the buying and selling experience, making it personal, insightful, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Romana believes that buying or selling a vessel should be a journey of excitement, not stress. With her at your side, you can leave the complexities to her. Listing, marketing, negotiating – she handles it all. In a market with a growing demand for quality pre-owned vessels, her discerning eye is always on the lookout.

Whether you're considering selling or seeking the perfect vessel, Romana is your trusted partner. Her passion for the sea, coupled with her expertise, ensures a seamless voyage. Get in touch with her today, and let the waves of possibility carry you to new horizons.